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Hey Guys, I'm Alan Templeton and I'm the King of Tomatoes. Well, that's what my friends tell me anyway. But because tomatoes only grow a few months out of the year, I needed a way to maximize my yield. And that's where Aeroponics come into play. I'm able to grow plants (not tomatoes so much, but other veggies) in such a way as there is no growing medium. Instead, the roots are left dangling below the growing structure. It's really quite clever, if you ask me. Anyway, I created this site, Aeroponics, to pass along the information I've acquired over the years. I'll write articles that will provide you with great tips an well as secrets that I've learned along the way. In addition, I'll post some cool photos too! So, I hope you stick around and enjoy the site. And if you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

Simple DIY Aeroponics Projects

Aeroponics basically means that you are cultivating plants without soil by spraying or misting nutrients on the root ball. The root will absorb what it requires from the water medium. This process is actually easier for the root and it reflects in the form of a healthier plant with more fruits. If you are interested in starting a simple DIY aeroponics project, you need to understand how aeroponics works. We’ve listed a few places where you will be able to find great DIY aeroponics projects for personal use.

Most gardening websites will have separate DIY aeroponics project sections where you will find detailed instructions provided by gardening experts. Although these DIY aeroponics projects are quite good, we suggest you be a little bit careful. Most DIY aeroponics projects will assume that you are an average gardener. As a result, the DIY aeroponics project will have a lot of technical details and you might find it difficult to understand. We suggest you check the site for simple DIY aeroponics projects that are specifically geared towards beginners or for amateur gardeners.

Apart from gardening sites, you can also get in touch with hobby sites to find DIY aeroponics projects that are right for you. Make sure that you check the extent of the project before starting though. Hobby sites will offer a range of DIY aeroponics projects but they will not be custom made for you and you might not be able to find the spare parts that are listed. These DIY aeroponics projects may also be made by users for a select audience. For example, the website Instructables has several DIY aeroponics projects that are listed for growing aeroponic tomatoes only. You can go through the DIY aeroponics project list and read up on the basics to understand the process.

The NASA website actually has some good information on how to start a DIY aeroponics project and how to make it a success. They also have a detailed list of the research projects that are happening in different parts of the country and the experts that are working on them. You might not be able to get many DIY aeroponics projects from the site but it’s a great place to learn really unique tips about the aeroponics growth process.

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